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Development of plastic products injected

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Investing in intelligence and the constant technological upgrade, the NTC Molds and Plastics offers a complete solution for its customers, working together on the design of their projects, manufacturing their molds (metallic matrices), producing parts for practical test tooling (try-out) and running the tip of your plastic products. Everything to fully satisfy the specific demands of each customer.

With proven experience in the sectors: automotive, electric, electronic, marine, oil and agribusiness.

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The advice in the development of each project allows the company to predict and help their customers in relation to the best options in raw materials, productivity and technical finish. AND the try-outs of injection performed in the NTC, summarize the differential of the economy of time and resources for businesses.

The NTC extends its service to injection to those businesses that already have molds manufactured and which need only outsource their production of injected, with the same commitment and dedication used all of its portfolio of customers.

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