The NTC respects the environment and the community in which it is inserted, taking care of both in order to protect, preserve and ensure its economic development and sustainable.

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  • Preservation of Natural Resources

    An internal team examines and proposes solutions to the rationalization of energy consumption throughout the production cycle of the NTC. One of the actions implemented, for example, is the project that captures and recycles rain water for the cooling of machines in the production line. This procedure allows the NTC save 300,000 liters of water per year.

  • Recycling of Waste

    Today in business, 95% of solid waste is recycled in partnership with the community in sheds of recycling. The operation generates new raw materials, with greater profitability for the cooperatives involved.

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  • Training Programs

    The NTC has agreements with various teaching institutions for programming supervised internships, with a focus on opportunities for professional development and possible hiring effective. This way, the NTC believes to be contributing to the development of the market for plastics processing and specialized labor.

  • Solidarity and Voluntary Work At The

    NTC encourages the creation of internal campaigns to promote solidarity and voluntary work through social actions that serve their community, either through donations or participation in activities of a social nature.

Awards and Certificates

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certificado Responsabilidade Social

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